Bike to Boots

Chamonix, Rhône-Alpes, France
September 09, 2016

View from my Window

Yesterday was a transition day.
Got up to watch the sun cast shadows of the mountains at my back against the mountains to our west. Spent breakfast with Luc, the host of my airBNB on Lake Annecy. He and his girlfriend Clothilde live in a lakefront property in a small hamlet called Taillories on the eastern shore of the Lake.

And hère is Luc showing me goPro videos of his passion: parasailing. He can sail nonstop from Taillories to Chamonix, over 50 km, even to Italy, and does frequently.


Rode my bike back to Annecy to catch the train to Chamonix. Have some nasty saddle soars. Be good to shift from bike shoes to hiking boots.


Arrived in Chamonix late in the day. Met with my guide Fred . . . yes, Fred . . . briefly. Because the telepherique between Augile du Midi and Helbonner is on the fritz, we have had to change our plans. I won’t get to traverse La Valee Blanche; instead, Fred and I are going to the Italian side. Haven’t worn a pair of crampons since Ian and I climbed Shasta a long time ago.


Well, time to get up there while there still are glaciers to cross.



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