Hmmmm, I’m Missing Something

Talloires, Rhône-Alpes, France
September 11, 2016

Awoke this morning with sore feet from a strange dream about going toward the light.

Go to the Light, Rob


He’s Only Smiling Because it is Rest Time


Look Closely on Top of Rock; How Cool is That?
Italy to your Right; France to your Left
Fred Roping Up
Fred with Switzerland in the Background



Looking Down Into Italy


Weather Coming In

Packed the old “rucksack” , as the French call it, and said good bye–and I do mean “good bye”, not au revoir,–to the jovial manager of the airBNB where I slept in Chamonix. A fella named Ashley.

Ashley must be 55, thin wiry gent, has a gray/white beard about a foot long, and is one of those guys who “winds up” as if he were pitching sidewinder when he shakes hands. A big hearty roundhouse leading to a shake. . He hails from Kenya, but speaks with a British accent and laughs more than I do. He told me has lived in Chamonix for 30 years, apart from the “misguided” two years, “the missus and I thought the schools might be better elsewhere, but that nonsense didn’t last long, ”

Said our good-byes and I walked to the train station.


Chamonix Train Station

I arrived by train back in Annecy to find the town packed. Apparently, a marathon. Sheeez. Because of the packed streets, the next mode of transportation I had planned, a taxi, was not to be found. The kind man on the téléphone told me “‘c’est impossible aujourd’hui.”



Great!!!! These feet are already dying; don’t think they’ll make 14 km to Taloires schlepping this portemanteau. How am I going to get to the other side of this lake.

Hmmm, there’s something I’m missing here. There’s got to be a better way.


Take a Boat Stupide



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