My Day? . . . Oh, I Don’t Know . . . Pretty Ho-Hum

Paris, Île-de-France, France
November 18, 2015

My day? Oh, I don’t know. Pretty ho-hum. You know . . . same ol, same ol.

Let’s see? Got up long before the sun to get ready for school. I thought, “Let’s take a quick look at the Press Democrat and see what’s in the local news. Hmmm. . . a story on the Paris attacks. Oh look, there’s a picture of . . . wonder if Suzanne and I are in the picture in front of Notre D. .. . . holy shit . . .that can’t be


C’est Moi!

Yep, that’s me alright; not exactly how I would like to find my picture in the paper.

Well, better get ready for class today . . our assignment is to write two essays: one describing our Arrondissement, the other describing our flat. Uh, let’s see? Need someplace to work without waking Suzanne . . . perfect, the electric stove top.


Using the Stove as a Desk


Off to class. Need to find a pattisserie to buy a classmate a birthday cake. Our instructor asked us to bring something. Pass by some windows . . .this guy looks like he could make a cake.

A Baker on the Rue de Babylon


Arrive at school. Prepositions today. I’ve got this nailed. Teacher calls for essays . . . hmmm . . .no one in class wrote the essay except me and the gal from Korea . . . hmmm? There’s my compétition. Sure Rob, she’s 35 years younger and her rétention is probably light years faster than yours, but just remember what Pop used to say, “Old âge and treachery will win out over youth and talent everytime.” Bring it!

Happy Birthday in Six Languages

I tell you, you want to feel a small part of a big world? Listen to “Happy Birthday” sung in a heavy British accented English, Portugeese, Korean, Italian, Mayan, and Spanish (both Espagnol and South American.

After the party, meet Suzanne outside school and off to the Louvre. Ruht-Row, Scooby . . . le musée is still closed and those gentlemen mean business . . . how do you say,  “military présence” in French


Off to the Musee Des Arts Décoratif. Hey, it’s open. Uh boy, Korean Exhibit. Wonder if my compétition is here. Probably not; I bet she is home studying. Doh!

Not My Style
But damn they are good at joinery

That was cool. Let’s walk this way. Look, they hold children’s art classes at The Louvre.

Children’s Art Class at the Louvre

How about a stroll from the Arc de Triumph down the Champs. Not my cup of tea, but even the Champs looks beautiful after a rainstorm

I’m More of a Left Bank Kind of Guy


Long day, time to head for home. Let’s take this bridge . . . look . . . Eiffel Tower . . . moon . . .

Yeah, pretty ho hum day. Oh well . . .

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