Lay Low and Have a Plan

Paris, Île-de-France, France
November 15, 2015



Last night, as Suzanne and I texted with our family and friends from a Paris bistro, we received many kind words of care and concern. My daughter Kate wrote. My sister Linda. Suzanne’s family and friends. We are so fortunate to be loved by so many. Thank you all. We are very moved.

Of all the expressions of love, none were as powerful as this practical advice from my son Sam from thousands of miles away:

“Please send me some kind of word pop”
“We’re ok spud; Holed up in a restaurant three doors from our place.”
“Fewww , lay low and have a plan.”
“Don’t worry.”
“Go back to your hotel and lock the doors. ”
“No worries.”
“Just be aware of everyone in each place you get to. Make sure there are multiple exits. Ask where they are. Just be really cautious.”
“Will do.”
“Good. Have some running shoes or something you can move fast in ready. Not meaning to scare you; just ideas.”

A half a world away, my son was trying to help his old man.

in these dark days when so much hatred born of misguided faith seems to consume so many, when there is so much to despair, and seemingly so little to reassure, when fear would take hold of our hearts and anger cloud our minds, it is well to remember the love of our families and friends, to heed the wisdom of our children, and maybe, just maybe, stick around long enough to make our grandchildren proud.


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