To Arrive Where We Started

San Francisco, California, United States
November 25, 2014

Almost home.

New York Historical Society Lobby

I find myself returning to the T.S. Elliot quote etched into the marble of the New York Historical Society where I began this adventure. Fitting that it should come from one of the Lost Generation whose writing, in part, inspired this trip and this poor effort at narration.

I suppose it shouldn’t take the end of a journey to begin to understand our origins and better understand ourselves. But, maybe, sometimes it does.  Maybe it takes a wide angle view from a distance to give us the perspective to better focus on what is important in the foreground.

My friend Ian wrote to me to invite me to tell war stories about my adventure and share . . . oh, I don’t know, maybe some . . . COLOR. . . pictures from my trip. He’s probably right; I may have overdone the film noir stuff. So a few color panorama shots from a phone smarter than its owner to bring this midlife adventure into perspective and to a close

IMG_1394 2.JPG
New York Subway




Paris from the top of the Arc de Triumph




IMG_1226 2.jpg


Omaha Beach



Musee de Arts et Technology in Paris


IMG_1398 2.jpg
9/11 Memorial


I would like to think . . I hope . . that I come home with three new insights

No. 1. A wider view,

No. 2. A heightened appreciation of light and perspective, and

No. 3. A better understanding . . . the kind of understanding that might only come from traveling alone . . .of the importance of others, those from our past who have shaped who we are, but more importantly those in our lives in the here and now.

Oh, and one more . . . .how to wear a scarf and really sport a man purse

Stylin on the Metro



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