Le Bon Marche

Paris, Île-de-France, France
November 14, 2014





A friend of a friend suggested, as did Rick Steve’s, that I should visit a department store on the Reve Gauche, Le Bon Marche. While I’m not one for the mall, according to Rick it is an excellent example of 19th century iron work, and well worth it.



So I thought, it’s late, it’s getting cold, might be fun to stop in, and pick up a true French echarpe…that’s French for scarf…. Might be a fun souvenere and my LL Bean one doesn’t have the right weight or length or cache.

I found a rack of very nice ones. The helpful attendant, a very suave and kind young man who couldn’t have been nicer showed me the difference between the cashmere ones and the silk/cashmere ones.

It’s probably a little pricey, but what the hell Rob, . . . You know . . . La vie en rose. . . C’est se Bonne, . . .C’est la vie. . . Go for it.

Lets just check the prix… . .let me get my glasses . . . €810? . . .€810????? That’s about. . .$1012.00 for a scarf. Gulp.

You know….LL Bean makes a fine lambwool scarf.



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